Leading Charcoal Exporter in Nigeria

Twelve Twelve global investment Limited has been producing trading quality charcoal products, including lumpwood charcoal for sale. We have extensive experience in fulfilling the needs of the Nigerian market. We scrub the best natural charcoal which are delivered nationwide, making them readily available. We produce high-quality charcoal that is tested by renowned experts. We are a brand which is believed as a trustworthy and commercially viable. We also manufacture and provide dried ginger, sesame seed and hibiscus apart from charcoal.

Best Lumpwood Charcoal Exporter

Lumpwood charcoal is charcoal made up of natural hardwoods, burnt in an oxygen-free environment. Charcoal contains around 89 per cent carbon. We are working hard to get the license of an exporter. Then we will be called as a charcoal exporter in Nigeria. We manufacture natural hardwood charcoal made up of birch tree (Ayin) to all parts of Nigeria. Our owned production plant produces light lumpwood charcoal, which is a sustainable product. We believe that we will be an outstanding charcoal exporter in Nigeria. We import packed as well as bulk raw charcoal from a range of overseas production factories which work exclusively for us. We aim to be a succinct lumpwood Charcoal Exporter in years to come.

Superior Ayin Charcoal Exporter in Nigeria

Twelve Twelve global investment Limited have the resources to manufacture the ayin charcoal product we manufacture. We also do exclusive packaging in our production facility. Our warehouse resources allow us to maintain ayin charcoal Nigeria stock to ensure the continuous supply for meeting marketing demand. We provide our customers with the high-quality ayin charcoal products at reasonable prices. We hold the accreditation of relevant ISO. Also, we maintain individual quality of our clients with the utmost care. We thrive to maintain our quality and adhere to the ISO requirements. We aim that once we start to export our products, no one will need to search lumpwood charcoal exporter near me.

Our detailed variety of charcoal and other products are delivered to customers directly. We can deliver orders of any given quantity pertaining to ayin wood charcoal. It ranges from one single pallet to fully loaded lorry. We have built strong ties with reliable support services providers in the operational areas of Quality Control, shipping and logistics. Apart from lumpwood charcoal, we also have a mission to be a prominent ayin charcoal exporter. Our business has a foundation based on the ethics of providing our customers what they exactly want. Our experienced management and facilities allow us to maintain our level of service as one of the reliable lumpwood charcoal Lowes.

We also accommodate foreign investors from all over the world who are interested in a long-term investment in pure ayin charcoal and large scale agricultural development



Offering the best quality of service and products in the driving force of all our internal process. This search for excellency mirrors our enhanced work dynamics, a key and differentiating factors among our customers

We are proud to hold several certificates

Highest quality

Through the efficient system of sourcing, processing, packaging, and distribution, we have developed a formidable reputation in the agricultural trading industry. We focus on highest quality products,

excellent customer service with reasonable prices, and well-organized control processes.

Our Core Values Are

Our core values comprise; quality assurance, honesty, performance, and excellent service delivery. We believe in providing our clients value-driven performance towards meeting their specific product demands