About Us



Twelve Twelve global investment Ltd is a paramount producer and trader of Charcoal and agricultural products. After passing through the strict control procedures, we provide our customers the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

Twelve Twelve global investment Ltd was established in 2010 as an exporting company. We deliver our agricultural products from Nigeria to various locations across the country. We are currently the prominent producer and trader of charcoal & agricultural products.

The company emphases on export operations of numerous agricultural and energy commodities such as sesame seeds, hibiscus, ginger, cashew nuts, and etc.

In addition, the Company has built strong ties with reliable support services providers in the operational areas of Quality Control, Haulage, Handling, Shipping and Logistics.

We also accommodate foreign investors from all over the world who are interested in coming to our country for a long term partnership and investment in industrial mining and large scale agricultural development

In the execution of our Order, we are meticulous in all aspects of exportation. Quality and hygiene is a primary consideration in our processes as stipulated in agro global best practices.


Our vision is to meet our customer’s expectations and provide them quality agricultural products. We understand the importance of hygiene in processes; this is why we follow proper hygiene handling process. Our advanced storage facility is equipped with modern machines for easy handlings and improving the shelf life of products.

Our packaging team packs the products in moisture, air, and scratch resistant parcels so that they don’t get damaged while handling, storage, and delivery. With our committed staff and durable networks across the country, we source the finest products for our customers. In the end, our team makes sure the fastest delivery of our well-preserved stocks


At Twelve Twelve global investment Ltd, our mission is to deliver world-class quality agricultural and energy commodities to our customers. Our team promises to provide quality incumbency, timely shipments, and a transparent business approach. We believe that with every product we deliver value and quality.

Taking our mission to a broader level, we wish to accommodate foreign investors from around the world to come to Nigeria for a long-term investment and partnership in large-scale agricultural development.