Natural Hardwood Charcoal

Quality Natural Hardwood Charcoal Supplier in Nigeria

Twelve Twelve global investment Ltd is one of the prominent all natural hardwood charcoal suppliers in Nigeria. Apart from charcoal, we also offer a different agricultural product such as hibiscus, sesame seed, cashew nuts and dried ginger. We have extensive experience in fulfilling the needs of the Nigerian market. We are among the charcoal dealers that supply different types of charcoal-like BBQ grade, catering and restaurant charcoals.

We provide the best Hardwood Charcoal

Charcoal is made up of mesquite, maple, oak or even hickory. Once the wood is minimized to charcoal, it is left in the original shape. The best way of determining the quality of the charcoal is to look closely at it. If the real wood appearance is recognizable, you have got the real and all natural hardwood charcoal. Hardwood charcoal lights more quickly. It burns at around 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. SO, you must make a tinier fire. Also, it forms less ash and imparts a wood-fire and purer flavor to foods. Any natural hardwood charcoal incompletely burned while grilling may be put out and re-lit for more grilling on another occasion. We know the importance of hygiene in different processes. That is why we adhere to proper hygiene handling in our operations. Our advanced storage resources are equipped with latest machines for easy handlings as it improves the shelf life of our products.

After more than eight years in the charcoal industry, we have grown and expanded our production abilities to meet the requirements of our customers entirely. We work in a challenging sector as the industry of natural hardwood charcoal briquettes is highly volatile. Charcoal briquettes are manufactured from scrap wood’s sawdust. Scrap wood includes composite and resinous softwoods. Charcoal briquettes are mixed with chemical filler and blinders. They are humanly compressed into their attributed pillow shapes. They are slower to light and often require lighter fluid. We deliver our agricultural produce from Nigeria to numerous locations across the country. We are currently the prominent manufacturer and trader of charcoal and agricultural items. The company emphases on export operations of multiple agricultural and energy commodities such as sesame seeds, hibiscus, ginger, cashew nuts, etc.

Besides, the Company has built strong ties with reliable support services providers in the operational areas of Quality Control, Haulage, Handling, Shipping and Logistics. Only selected hardwoods are used for obtaining the right charcoal blend that reduces smoke and sparking while maintaining the natural charcoal aroma. Our product made from hardwood charcoal Nigeria is not threatening to the ecosystem. Our hardwood charcoal burns hotter and lasts longer. They are the best fuel for slow cooking on a low heat and are easy to light. If you are looking for the best Hardwood Charcoal Nigeria, Twelve Twelve global investment Ltd is the answer to your search.